I am a Social Anthropologist and Ethnographic Consultant, currently based in Sacramento, California. My academic research and consulting have focused on how contemporary notions of the self and social relations interact with the emergence of social networks, networking, new digital technologies and innovation . I have conducted ethnographic and participatory research on social networking in the high-tech cluster around Cambridge, England and I have conducted an ethnographic evaluation of a publicly financed* funding model to encourage the uptake of new digital technologies and increased innovative practices in the arts sector.

I have presented my research at academic conferences in the U.S., the U.K., and Europe and I have participated in a performance art project sponsored by the Arts Catalyst in London. I am currently working on two projects. the first is an ethnography of co-working and the social aspects of innovation. The second is an exploration of the online cultures of Attention Deficit Disorder and the role of new media in the development of ‘neuro-cultures’.

See more about me at about.me or Academia.edu or follow me on twitter: @anthroposinsigh

Culture, Networks, Knowledge

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